Read up on the types of presentations we offer, and request a presentation for your student group, residence hall or pledge class!

Hooking up 101
sexual communication, consent, alcohol, boundaries

This presentation examines all aspects of “hooking up,” from hard statistics about sexual activity on campus to examining the very definition of the ambiguous term. We touch on all the tools needed for a healthy hook up, including discussing consent, protecting against pregnancy and STIs, and handling concerns that can arise after hooking up. One of our most popular presentations, “Hooking Up 101” will take your audience on a thoughtful ride of beer, bras and boundaries. Your night at the Deuce will never be the same!

Healthy relationships
respect, communication, dating violence

Changing your relationship status on Facebook is just the beginning; SHAPE has you covered on the rest. This presentation covers respect, communication, and everything else you would want to know about maintaining a healthy relationship. Through icebreakers and engaging discussion, we as a group will decide: what is the role of conflict within relationships? What messages about hook ups and relationships do we receive as college students and within our larger culture? We don’t have all the answers, but we DO have an excellent discussion-based program – and plenty of free condoms and lube! – for your group.

sexuality, safer sex, sexual assault, sexual decision-making

Want SHAPE to facilitate a thoughtful, entertaining discussion about all things sex-related? Enter “Sexversations,” a game developed by “One Student” experts Kelly and Becca. SHAPE’s version of “Sexversations” will engage your group in an invigorating conversation about hot sex topics. Is it unfaithful to fantasize about someone else while having sex? Does our understanding of terms like “virgin” differ? People in your group will walk away with empowering information to navigate conversations about relationships, sexuality, and sexual violence.

Supporting our sisters
consent, sexual violence, sexual assault, rape culture, supporting survivors

Developed in conjunction with Northwestern’s Panhellenic Association, this program aims to educate new sorority members about sexual violence, challenging rape culture myths, and how to support survivors. A combination of discussions and activities, this program will encourage sorority members to critically examine their own views and understand the impact of sexual violence within Greek life.

Rape  culture 101
consent, sexual violence, sexual assault, rape culture, bystander intervention

What is “On Us?” In this presentation, we will define the term “rape culture” and discuss how we perceive the existence of rape culture within our own lives. By exploring rape culture, we will find our place within it and discuss where responsibility lies for ending it, while supplying practical information about bystander intervention. Groups receiving this presentation will be encouraged to think deeply about the prevalence of sexual violence within our culture and will walk away with resources to challenge these cultural norms.




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