Read up on the types of presentations we offer, and request a presentation for your student group, residence hall or pledge class!

Hooking Up 101

Hooking Up 101 will answer your questions about campus hookups–from consent, to safer sex methods, to STI testing. In this presentation, we talk about the campus climate and stereotypes surrounding hook up culture. Our goal is to give students the tools to make safe, informed, and sex-positive decisions regarding their sex lives.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships defines “relationship” before delving into group discussions on healthy relationships, relationship ideals, and conflict. This presentation will address different types of conflict and communication methods, leaving college students with a basis for having healthy relationships with partners, hook ups, or friends.

Supporting Survivors

Developed in conjunction with CARE staff, this program defines and addresses rape myths, examines community and personal values, and teaches participants how to support a friend who may be a survivor of domestic or sexual violence. This program is for all organizations and individuals who wish to create a safe and supportive environment for surivors.

Rape Culture 101

This presentation examines rape culture and the everyday practices that contribute to a climate in which sexual violence is normalized and excused, both in the media and at Northwestern. We discuss the ways in which we perpetuate rape culture in our everyday lives, and what we can do to counteract it. Lastly, we teach participants methods of bystander intervention and discuss how to apply them.





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